How long do the drawings take?

I put a lot of time and love into each one of my drawings. Depending on the size and detail, drawings can take anywhere from 6 to 25 hours.

How long until I get my drawing?

Please allow a minimum of 2 weeks for the completed drawing. More time may be necessary and will be agreed upon before the drawing is started. 

Do you use photo reference?

Photo reference of your subject is required. I work best from high quality images. You can provide your images in person or digitally. 

What is the best way to take my own photo for your reference?

The best way to capture your own image is to take a photo of the subject in as much of the camera frame as possible. Remember, I will draw what I see in the photo, so I need as much of a clear image as possible. Overcast days are best to take a picture, because too much sun can wash the image out, and too much shadow can hide necessary details. Keep a steady hand so that the camera does not shake, and the image comes out clear. Camera phones these days are sufficient enough to still take a good high quality image.

Can you ship my drawing to me?

Yes, but you will be responsible for shipping costs and handling. I do also ship internationally. Before the drawing is started, I will give you an estimate on the shipping costs dependent on where you live.

Do you require payment before the drawing is started?

I require a 50% deposit before the drawing is started. Once the drawing is finished, I will send you a photo of the finished image, and will require the other 50% before the drawing is delivered to you.

Will the image you drew for me be reproduced?

I do scan all my drawings, and they are displayed on my website, through social media, on postcards, or flyers to promote my business. Private commissions are never reproduced for mass reproduction or personal gain. If you do not wish to have your drawing on my website or on social media, please let me know prior to starting the commission. The photograph(s) you provide me will never be used again, shared, and will be returned back to you (if a hard copy was sent).

How do I pay?

I accept check, cash, Paypal, or Square Cash.